Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bells (mix)

Highlights from this one include Adultnapper and Big Bully's super slinky Lie To Me, a strutting Magda mashup of some Goblin and some of her own stuff (called Buio Omega + Moroder's Revenge), some Michael Mayer from back in the day (Amanda, from Kompakt Total 2), and Cassius' new TOTAL BANGER of a track, I <3 U SO. Hot! Download the mix here. For a full tracklist, read on, read on.

Bell - Chromatics
Lie To Me - Adultnapper, Big Bully
Buio Omega (Alternate Version) + Moroder's Revenge - Magda
Setting Up - Heartthrob
Amanda - Michael Mayer
Shake (Alex Kenji Main Mix) - David Harness Project
I <3 U SO - Cassius
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