Monday, November 29, 2010

One Day There Be Disco (mix)

My friend Andrio loves to throw disco around in his mixes. This mix is, in part, inspired by his work over at Psychometry. Watch for a collaboration soon.. in the meantime we can all dance to this. Party! Highlights include Booka Shade's In White Rooms, Superpitcher, Chloe's awesome fuzzy remix of Silvervince's Mademoiselle B, and It's a Fine Line, who close the first act with their trippy and slackertacular Never Go With a Hippie to a Second Location. The Motor City Drum Ensemble's mix of Caribou's Leave House, Craig Bratley's Birdshell (Burnt Island Casuals Remix), LCD Soundsystem, and 40 Thieves, Qzen, and a sneaky Fourtet edit bring on the disco on the second half. One day, there will be Disco. Download the mix here, and full tracklist after the jump.

Daylight - Villa Nah

In White Rooms - Booka Shade
Lotre (mehr fleisch) - Sascha Funke
Rabbits in a Hurry - Superpitcher
Mademoiselle B (Chloe's Tender Mix) - Silvervince
Zhivago - Kate Simko
Never Go With a Hippie to a Second Location - It's a Fine Line
001 (Jennifer Cardini Remix) - APM 001
Last Dinner - Daniel Dreier
Never Be The Same (TJ Kong & Nuno Dos Santos Remix) - Alif Tree
Leave House (Motor City Drum Ensemble Remix) - Caribou
Birdshell (Burnt Island Casuals Remix) - Craig Bratley
Throw (Paperclip People Cover) - LCD Soundsystem
Angel (Caya Dub) - Carl Craig
Don't Turn it Off feat Qzen - 40 Thieves
Sing (The Days Sneaky Live Remix ) - Fourtet
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